• The only Universal Services License
    holder of Senegal
  • Offering GSM, Fixed Line and Wi MAX Services
  • Affordable and reliable Data and Voice Services


    GVantage provides Internet Telephony Services in India, IP Telephony license in USA, VoIP License in Malaysia, Universal Services License to operate GSM, Fixed Lines, and WiMax based Internet and Internet Telephony Services in Senegal.

    WiMAX & Internet

    GVantage wireless broadband solutions for licensed and unlicensed spectrum’s are cost-effective, flexible and designed to meet the varying demands of emerging and developed markets like ISPs, Enterprises, Industries, SMEs & Defence Org’s.

    IT & Web

    GVantage IT & Web Services division provides wide array of web design & development solutions including Enterprise Portal, Application Development, Database Management, MS Platform Services, E-Commerce Application.


    GVantage Chemical Products Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of GVantage Group, dealing with wide selection of products including polish, lacquers, high gloss sealers, color enhancing sealers, polishing powder, waxes.